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Football Stadium Košice

Construction of the Košice soccer stadium using a virtual model.

Football Stadium Košice


Košice, Slovakia

Nemetschek Group Brands



HESCON s.r.o.

Stadium according to UEFA standards

The construction of a new soccer arena in Košice, Slovakia, began at the end of 2018. Soccer fans are currently looking forward to the completion of the first of three stages. With regard to the scope of the construction, the project team first created a detailed virtual model of the entire arena. This served as an ideal basis for the project documentation and at the same time made a significant contribution to the coordination of individual disciplines and construction activities during construction.

The project includes the realization of a new soccer arena with the appropriate facilities. In addition to the main football pitch with a heated playing field, there will be several training areas, changing rooms, an administrative area for soccer clubs and other areas necessary to ensure the operation of the stadium according to UEFA standards. The new stadium will be used for a wide range of activities, from soccer matches to various cultural and social events.

The main concern of the architects was to create an iconic building of supra-regional importance, which in the future can be identified with the city of Košice. The construction of the stadium was divided into three phases. Currently, the finalization works of the first phase are being completed. After that, the arena is ready to host home matches of the highest class in soccer. After its completion, the stadium should be able to accommodate 12,685 spectators and is therefore suitable for international soccer matches.