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Hering Group Relies on NEVARIS as Digitalization Partner

How the HERING Group digitizes its planning and construction processes with NEVARIS

Hering Group Relies on NEVARIS as Digitalization Partner



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Digitization of planning and construction processes


Hering GmbH & Co KG

Technology used

NEVARIS Finance, 123onsite, 123quality

Precision, schedule and cost reliability are probably the three most important success factors in track and railroad construction. After all, companies offering highly specialized services in this market segment work with tight schedules, heavy technology and complex logistics. And it is not unusual for tracks, stations or platforms to continue to be used, at least to a limited extent, during renewal work. The HERING group has been on the rails throughout Europe for over 130 years and stands for a wide range of high-quality system solutions in construction, for the implementation of which it relies on construction software from NEVARIS and 123onsite.

Potential for long-term digitization

In addition to track and railroad system construction, the HERING Group combines a precast plant for architectural concrete facades as well as the planning and production for innovative sanitary concepts in public spaces under its roof. This offers a great deal of potential for the long-term digitalization of internal and external processes, which has been underway in a comprehensive and concentrated manner for several years. New software solutions are selected from the outset so that they have the broadest possible application base. This applies both to the area of application and to the wider use of the software in various business sectors: "Solitary individual solutions are not in demand here. We have to be more digital on the road, become faster and automate further. The processes have been tackled for this purpose," Oliver Krüger makes clear. He is responsible for supplementary management in rail track construction.

Standardized process - individual design

The state of digitization is well progressed, which is reflected in a company process that has been defined in the meantime. However, it was still adapted and individually refined for the three business units. The implementation of digital planning and work and management processes varies in the different business units. Regardless of how far along each internal area is: the declared goal remains to continue to grow, to drive innovation, and to offer sustainable systems and solutions. Christian Winkler, Head of Process and Digitalization Management: "We have noticed that we are well positioned in the market with our efforts and remain fit for the future. And that is despite the fact that we are far from being at the same stage with the digital agenda in all areas. That's why we ask our employees once a year what the current level of fulfillment is and offer, among other things, extensive training with our new software solutions and process tools. We have prepared well and are in the middle of the implementation, which above all should be sustainable for the entire group."

Specialized software promotes quality and cost security

The software providers NEVARIS and 123erfasst provide comprehensive support for the sustainable implementation of the digitization strategy within the entire HERING group of companies. NEVARIS Finance is used for accounting and project controlling (including complete subcontractor management and the integration of various construction sites), 123onsite as well as 123quality for time and defect management and the digital construction diary. For costing and billing, the construction specialist uses iTWO Baseline from RIB.

Noticeable time savings and relief for payroll accounting as well as better and significantly simpler documentation on the construction sites are the next major steps that the HERING Group will tackle together with NEVARIS and 123erfasst. Oliver Krüger: "If we manage to make documentation on the construction site faster, clearer and digital, this will also give our foremen on site the courage to document more. This will further improve our construction work and give us greater security in terms of quality and costs."

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