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Miami Cruise Terminal A

A new cruise terminal for Royal Caribbean.

Miami Cruise Terminal A


Miami, Florida

Nemetschek Group Brands



The Steel Detailers, Inc.

Conquering challenges with SDS2

Designed to surpass every adventurers’ expectations from the very first moment, Royal Caribbean is pioneering the industry’s fastest, smoothest guest check-in, with a quick bag handoff and “car-to-bar” experience in a matter of minutes. 

The building presented many challenges, especially it's geometry. Designed to resemble a futuristic cruise ship from the outside, it had many different sides to the building's end walls as well as the roof. Cruciform columns support the exterior of the massive building. To deliver an open atmosphere, there were no vertical braces on the project, and the lateral loads had to be transferred with fully welded moment connections as well and bolted moment connections.