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Residential complex Talards (France)

Precast elements enable extraordinary facade

Residential complex Talards (France)


St. Malo, Frankreich

Nemetschek Group Brands





Société de Préfabrication de Landaul (SPL)

Precast concrete walls radiate liveliness with the help of structural matrices

More and more construction companies and architectural firms are discovering the creative diversity that concrete offers as a building material. In the form of exposed concrete, concrete comes to the fore and gives buildings an outstanding appearance. The "Talards" residential complex in St. Malo, France, is a vivid example of how matrices can be used to creatively design facades.  In an aesthetic way, the building combines architectural freedom with the efficiency of precast elements.

The French company SPL, Société de Préfabrication de Landaul, was responsible for the design and production of the walls with structural matrices. The company specializes in precast walls and has two state-of-the-art precast factories and two design offices. For the precast design, SPL relied entirely on its long-time companion Allplan Precast.

For the "Talards" residential building in Brittany, elastic matrices were used. With the help of these matrices, SPL produced the structured precast walls in its own precast plant. One of the challenges at "Talards" with regard to the structural matrices was that the building is located in the immediate vicinity of the sea and is therefore also exposed to the demanding marine climate. Due to the salty air and constant high humidity, a particularly thick matrix was used. In addition, the alignment of the vertical joints and structural matrices between levels placed the highest demands on the design team. In total, SPL planned and produced 490 m² of precast walls for the residential building with 33 residential units, divided into 5 floors plus first floor.

Automated workflows in Allplan Precast Walls facilitated the design of the precast walls

„Thanks to Allplan Precast Walls, I can quickly and easily model all kinds of buildings in 3D. The software allows me to handle more projects in less time and with higher quality thanks to numerous automated processes. At the same time, I can fully customize these automated tools to my specific needs. In general, I found it easy to learn the software and the operation itself is also effortless. Allplan Precast Walls provides clear visualizations and plans, which makes collaboration with the other project participants immensely easier.“

Bauvin Aymeric, Head of Planning Office, SPL