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The Walsh Group Boosts Civil Jobsite Mobility with Bluebeam

For years, The Walsh Group has migrated much of its document management to a completely digital environment, primarily using Bluebeam Revu for PDF markup, document management and collaboration.

The Walsh Group Boosts Civil Jobsite Mobility with Bluebeam


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Nemetschek Group Brands





The Walsh Group

Technology used

Bluebeam Revu and Revu for Ipad

Building to ease traffic

Among the largest cities in the southern U.S., Atlanta is known for traffic. One of the most traffic-plagued bands southeast of the airport is a thorny two-mile stretch nearing the I-75/I-285 interchange. So, in early 2019, the Georgia Department of Transportation took a step toward fixing the problem when it awarded Chicago-based general contractor The Walsh Group with the opportunity to lead the construction of a federally funded, $76 million expansion that would create improved traffic flow.


In 2019, general contractor The Walsh Group broke ground on a $76 million expansion of the northbound I-75 highway as it connects with I-285 south of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, just near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The complex expansion, which will alleviate one of the area’s most-congested traffic corridors, includes almost all the attractive components of a civil infrastructure project: construction of a tunnel bridge; cast-in-place, cut and MSE walls; utility relocations; asphalt and concrete paving.


Thanks to a suite of Bluebeam technology solutions, the I-75 project team has been able to mitigate risk and streamline document management and a bevy of additional workflows as it works to complete the expansion in a tight, two-year window. Most critical has been the implementation and use of Revu for iPad, which has allowed The Walsh Group’s project leaders to bolster complex document management workflows while superintendents and engineers are spread out across different parts of the jobsite’s seven-mile expanse.

  • By using tablets in the field, The Walsh Group estimates it has been able to save between roughly $10,000 to $15,000 from reduced printing costs
  • Revu for iPad in the field has also abridged the risk of incorrect information transmitting between workers in the office to those on the jobsite
  • The improved organization and clarity that Revu for iPad has brought to the project has made field workers more productive as they traverse a large civil jobsite without having to lug around unorganized rolls of paper plans