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Building Lifecycle Intelligence durch eine offene, cloudbasierte Plattform für faktengestützte Erkenntnisse. Erfahren Sie mehr!Building Lifecycle Intelligence durch eine offene, cloudbasierte Plattform für faktengestützte Erkenntnisse. Erfahren Sie mehr!
Digital Twins

From planning to construction and eventually the operation of a building, huge amounts of data are created by multiple stakeholders. However, this valuable information resides mostly in silos and thus becomes inaccessible throughout a building’s lifecycle. This not only creates inefficiencies due to constant and tedious re-work. Moreover, outdated and incomplete information leads to poor and error prone decisions which negatively affect buildings’ performance and increase operational costs.

In such a scenario, a Digital Twin enhances visibility, increases efficiency, and enables data-driven decision-making. How? Let’s start with a definition: A Digital Twin is a digital replica of a physical asset – this may be a component, a system, or a whole building. More importantly, this virtual replica is continuously fed with real-time information from the physical object, reflecting its current state. With this, a Digital Twin not only allows for accurate visualizations, but moreover derives insights through analysis, simulations, and optimizations.

Nemetschek’s Digital Twin solution ensures the harmonization of information streaming from various data sources. The information is intelligently structured and properly linked across systems, throughout the complete lifecycle of a building. With this, it is possible to efficiently track, filter and query the information assisting decision-makers with purpose-tailored insights. Real-time dashboards reveal operational insights and complete reports, delivering project information and analysis to different stakeholders – from AEC service providers to operators and owners.

The Nemetschek Group provides a horizontal, open, and cloud-based Digital Twin platform that delivers data-driven insights. By bringing together information from CAD/BIM, IWMS, and more with the real-time streams from building operations, Nemetschek’s Digital Twin bridges the gap between Design, Construction, and Operations and enables true Building Lifecycle Intelligence™.

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